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AI for All: Open Education Summit

While this is not a CAT+FD event, we believe it will be of interest to Xavier faculty.

Tennessee State University is an AA/EEO employer.

A.I. for ALL
Open Education Summit

This Summit focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements, aiming to enhance education and to equip a future digital workforce, with dedication to inclusivity and diversity through the use of
Open Educational Resources (OER).

Date: June 5 - 7, 2024
Tennessee State University
Avon Williams Downtown Campus-SMART Center -Nashville, TN

Summit Highlights
National Keynotes ~ Engaging Panels ~ Hands-On Workshops ~ Innovative AI Exhibits ~ AI Art Gallery ~ AI Tools

Summit Themes
• Bridging the Digital Divide: Inclusive AI Education for Global Communities
• Innovating Pedagogy with AI: The Next Frontier in Teaching and Learning
• AI for Educational Equity: Leveling the Learning Field with Open Access
• AI Tools for Every Stage of Education: Pre K-12 – Lifelong Learning
• Ethics and Policies for AI: Policies, Guardrails, Safety, and Privacy
• Shaping the Future for Open Education with AI

Complimentary Registration by April 19th

No cost registration to ensure the Summit is accessible to all. Must Register to Attend.

Call for Presentations by March 31st
*Papers will be published in a special edition by USDLA

Summit Contact: or 615.963.7113

Partnerships: William and Flora Hewlett Foundation - Open Educational Resources (OER),(USDLA) United States Distance Learning Association, TMobile Education, MERLOT - Affordable Learning Solutions, MIT – Open CourseWare, HBCU-C2 (Everyone Can Code and Create)

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