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Bb Tip #105: Add Test Student in Courses

Instructors can see their courses as a student would by turning edit mode off. However, instructors do not get the true experience of navigating the course like a student when edit mode is turned off.

The "Add Test Student" course tool allows instructors to add a test student to their course. The instructor can login to the course as the test student and navigate the course exactly as a student would. While logged in as the test student, the instructor is able to complete assignments, tests, surveys, etc. The instructor would also be able to see the "test student" in the Grade Center. The instructor has the option of removing the test student from the course when the test student is no longer needed.

image showing Add Test Student Course Tool

Follow these steps to do it.

In order to add a test student to your course, you should:

  1. Goto the [Control Panel] for the course and click on the [Course Tools] link to expand it. Click on [Add Test Student].
  2. You should see the Create Test Student Account screen. Make a note of the Test Student Account’s username, and then enter a password for the test student account. The "enroll this test student on the current course" option should be checked.
  3. Click on the [Submit] button. You should see a message indicating the test student user was created.
  4. You can now login as the "test student" using the username and password created in step 2.

Want more information?

Step-by-step instructions are available [PDF].
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