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Bb Tip #150: Turnitin – Voice Comments

white noise

Research shows students want specific and detailed feedback from their instructors (Balaji & Chakrabarti, 2010). Sometimes text-based feedback can become white noise to students who often admit they don't read it. This is not to say that text-based feedback is not valued, however voice is particularly impactful in our text-based world. Audio feedback is an option that saves time, cuts through the noise, and is preferred by students (Ice, Swan, Kupczynski, & Richardson, 2008).

The ability for an instructor to leave a personal voice comment is a powerful tool for providing feedback to students. Turnitin's GradeMark (online grading) has a feature that lets instructors add a voice comment to a student’s paper. With voice comments students can hear the reasons for a grade or the tone of voice or inflection behind the written feedback.

Turnitin voice comments bar

With just a few clicks, instructors can quickly record a detailed message of up to 3 minutes in length and attach it to the student’s paper. Instructors can use the orally recorded feedback as a supplement to written comments.

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