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Camtasia Carnival

Mardi Gras in New Orleans wasn't much fun this year, what with the pandemic and the subfreezing temperatures. But take heart, friends! A certain carnivalesque spirit pervades the CAT+FD Camtasia studio. Here's our own Bart Everson with a short and silly showcase of the software's capabilities.

What's the point? We just hope to get you thinking about possibilities. Remember, all Xavier faculty have access to Camtasia via site license. (Get yours now.) You may not want to use all of the effects deployed in this demo. In fact, you may not want to use any. When it comes to video production, less is usually more. We just want you to be aware of the possibilities.

2 thoughts on “Camtasia Carnival

  1. Erika Perez

    Thanks, this was fun. I knew and do some of these on my videos. I did not know I could sketch on my video which is going to be very helpful. I assumed I could, but I could not figure out what the term for it was. So my previous search for how to do it was fruitless.

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