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Download Conversation #28 A conversation with Jeremy Tuman of Xavier University of Louisiana on teaching, learning and service learning. Ultimately I think a transformative experience is one in which students internalize the idea that reality is not fixed — that all of these social problems are products, by-products, results of social structures that we as ...continue reading "Conversation #28: Service Learning"

I sat next to empty seats on my two flights up to Hartford (changing planes in Charlotte) so I didn't talk to much of anyone until I got on the shuttle I'd reserved. I was sharing the vehicle with three young folks who looked to be in their mid-twenties. As we pulled away from the ...continue reading "Contemplative Academy"

Download Conversation #8 A conversation with Dr. Arthur Zajonc of Amherst College on teaching, learning, and contemplative inquiry. While we may begin with the "pause that refreshes," if we leave it only at that then it's seen only as a break from learning. I'm really keen on it being seen also as a means of ...continue reading "Conversation #8: Contemplative Inquiry"