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iPad Apps for Use in Education

I had the privilege of attending several virtual sessions of the Sloan Consortium conference on Emerging Technologies recently. Several of the sessions were interesting and quite useful. The first session I'll report on is the one on using iPads in education.

Author Sam Glicksman was the presenter. His book iPad in Education for Dummies was well-received and is a great way to get started using iPads with your students. In the presentation, Mr. Gliksman talked about a few trends and apps to engage the students.

Explain Everything is an app that allows students to add text and video while recording in real time--very much like an interactive whiteboard but more features. New School Technology reviewed this app and has a nice video to demonstrate the features.

Mr. Gliksman also suggested having the students explore time-lapse photography and experiment with a few of the animation apps.

What great ways to enhance student engagement and foster creativity! Let us know if you're using any of these apps and how they're working for you and your students.

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