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Bb Tip #102: Content Editor

The newly designed Content Editor vastly improves your experience for adding text and other forms of digital content to your course.

The Content Editor provides instructors and students with content processing tools that help users create text, tables, hyperlinks, embedded multimedia, and file attachments. The Content Editor can be accessed throughout Blackboard to create lesson content, announcements, discussion posts, assignments, test items, and more!

The new Content Editor improves your ability to enter text, paste from Microsoft Word and add content to all areas of your courses and organizations. Gone are the prior formatting problems of cutting and pasting text from Word. The Content Editor retains the formatting of the pasted text.

Video Everywhere is a new feature in the Content Editor that allows instructors and students to record short YouTube videos on the fly using a webcam and seamlessly embed the video into course materials, interactions, and feedback.

Want more information?
Using the Content Editor
Using Video Everywhere
Explore Blackboard’s On Demand Learning Center.
Try these Blackboard How-To documents.
Visit the Blackboard FAQs for additional blackboard information
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call Janice Florent: (504) 520-7418.

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