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Bb Tip #122: Design Your Course Entry Point

The first page students see when they enter your course leaves a lasting impression. Use this first look to orient students and convey important information.

course entry point

In Blackboard, the course entry point is the first area users see upon entering your course. The default course entry point is the Home Page and contains modules that alert students to activity in your course. You can change your course entry point. For example, instructors can set up their course so that students always go to the Announcements page when they enter the course. When choosing the course entry point, consider using a page that contains critical or timely information.

Additionally, adding a banner image to your course entry point will further personalize your course. When you add a banner image it will appear at the top of the course entry point.

Follow these steps to do it.

To design your course entry point:

  1. Goto the [Control Panel] for the course and click on [Customization] to expand it.
  2. Click on [Teaching Style].
  3. Scroll down to section 2 and select your new course entry point.
  4. Scroll down to section 6 and use the browse button to choose a banner image. The recommended size for banner images is approximately 480 by 80 pixels.
  5. Click [Submit].

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