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Bb Tip #23: Grade Center – Grading Schemas

You can create a grading schema to match your grading scale. A grading schema is a set of rules based on percentage ranges that match scores to specific grade displays. For example, a student’s raw numeric score on a quiz that has 100 possible points is an 87. In a grading schema in which a percentage of 80 to 89 equals a B, a score of 87 would result in a B. If this grading schema is chosen as the display for the quiz, a B will display in My Grades for the student as well as in the Grade Center.

A grading schema could be used to calculate the final course grade. For example, if the total possible points for the final course grade is 600 points and 93% - 100% = A, 85% - 92% = B, 77% - 84% = C, 65 % - 76% = D, and below 65% = F, you could create a grading schema to reflect this grading scale.

A copy of the default grading schema is included in all courses when they are created. You can modify the default grading schema and/or create additional grading schemas to reflect the multiple ways in which you may need to grade throughout your courses.

Follow these steps to do it.
You create a grading schema by getting into the [Control Panel] of the course in which you want to create the grading schema. Click on the [Grade Center] link (located under Assessments). Click [Manage] on the Grade Center toolbar and then select [Grading Schemas] from the drop down menu. On the Grading Schemas page click the [Add Grading Schema] button. Enter a name for the Grading Schema. A description is optional. Enter the information for your grading scale in the schema mapping section. For example, if your grading scale is the same as the example above, on the first row you would enter 93 in the grades scored between field and enter an A in the will equal field. You have to enter a number for the percentage that grades manually entered will calculate as. For example, if you want a grade of A that you manually enter into a cell to be calculated as 97% of the total for that grade center item, then enter 97 in the will calculate as field. Click on the insert rows arrow to insert another row in the grading schema and enter the information for the remaining rows in your grading schema. Click [Submit] when you are done.

Note: The percentage range given for each grade value must begin with the lesser value listed first. The values must also overlap. Ranges must be set up in this way to avoid gaps that could occur when a score falls in between numbers in the range. The top range includes 100%.

Want more information?
Step-by-step instructions are available [PDF].
Visit the Blackboard FAQs for additional Blackboard information
or email or call Janice Florent: (504) 520-7418

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