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Bb Tip #30: Create Course Banner Using PowerPoint

In Bb tip #14, I discussed how to personalize your course by adding a banner. A course banner is an image that appears at the top of the Announcements page of your course. You can use PowerPoint to create a course banner.

Follow these steps to do it.
Using PowerPoint 2010 (Windows), you should open a new PowerPoint file. On the Home tab, select Title Only as the slide layout. On the Design tab, select Page Setup and then choose Banner as the slide size. The default width for a banner is a width of eight inches and height of one inch. Click OK to save the settings. You will be returned to the Design tab. Choose a background for your banner by either selecting a theme or choosing a background style. In the title box, type text for your banner and change the font if necessary. You can insert clip art, pictures, and/or other objects on your banner from the insert menu. Save the file as both a PowerPoint presentation and as a JPEG file. You will be able to edit the PowerPoint file if you need to make changes to your banner. Close PowerPoint and follow the instructions in Bb tip #14 to add the banner to your course.

Note: Step-by-step instructions for Mac users are available.

Want more information?
Step-by-step instructions are available [Win-PDF] and [Mac-PDF].
Visit the Blackboard FAQs for additional Blackboard information
or email or call Janice Florent: (504) 520-7418

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