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Bb Tip #32: Follow Your Breadcrumbs

Tip: Blackboard has a useful feature called breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are a "trail" of links that can help you navigate back to different areas in your course. As you move around in your course, Blackboard keeps track of where you are and allows you to jump to any of the pages that you used to get there. The breadcrumbs are found at the top of your course page and indicate the current page that you are on as well as the pages you accessed to get to the current page. Using the Back button in your web browser to return to previously accessed pages within your Blackboard course may have unpredictable results. It is generally better to use the breadcrumb trail to go back because it is more reliable in pointing you back to the desired course page.

Follow these steps to do it.
Locate the breadcrumbs at the top of the course page and click the link to move to a previous page.


In the example above, we are in the ADM.FLORENT (121306) course and are currently on the WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS page. You could return to the DISCUSSION BOARD page, the CONTROL PANEL or the ADM.FLORENT course entry page by simply clicking on the name within the breadcrumb trail.

Want more information?
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