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Bb Tip #85: Course Files

Creating and maintaining a repository of materials is an important part of developing Blackboard courses. With Course Files, instructors have access to their files from a central location inside their course. They can view, organize, and manage those files to suit their needs.

Files are uploaded into the Course Files storage area in one of two ways:

  • Upload files when creating content in the course. The files are automatically saved in Course Files.
  • Upload files directly into Course Files. When you create content in your course, you can link to the files.
Course Files
Course Files

Large amounts of content can be moved quickly from a local drive to the Course Files storage area in your course. Once content is in the Course Files storage area, it can be organized using folders and sub-folders. The organization of content in Course Files is separate from the organization of content presented in a course.

Course files are not shared across courses taught by the same instructor. However, content in the Course Files storage area can be used in multiple places within the same course just by linking to it. Students do not have access to store or share files in the Course Files storage area. Students will have access to files once the instructor provides a link to them.

Content linked in a course from Course Files is not deleted when the link in the course is deleted. The file remains in Course Files and can be used again. Links to course content are not broken when files are modified or moved to another Course Files folder. You can permanently remove a file from a course by deleting it in the Course Files storage area.

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