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Conversation #52: Helaine Blumenthal, Zach McDowell and Naniette Coleman on Wiki Ed

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Helaine Blumenthal
Zach McDowell
Naniette Coleman

A conversation with Helaine Blumenthal, Zach McDowell and Naniette Coleman on Wiki Ed.

As Classroom Program Manager for the Wiki Education Foundation, Helaine develops relationships with instructors, volunteers, and Wikipedia editors to expand support for program activities. Helaine is responsible for on-boarding and mentoring the instructors who teach Wikipedia classroom assignments. She helps design assignments that make sense for both student learning and for Wikipedia. Helaine brings extensive experience in higher education and academia to the Wiki Education Foundation.

Dr. Zachary McDowell is spending the 2016–17 academic year as a Research Fellow for Wiki Ed, determining the student learning outcomes of a Wikipedia assignment at the higher education level. Zach completed his Ph.D. in communication at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has taught courses with Wikipedia since 2011 as well as working with more than 350 faculty on integrating technology into their courses.

Naniette H. Coleman just completed her second semester teaching with Wikipedia through the Online and Continuing Education Program in the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Sociology Department. In addition to being an instructor at UML Naniette is also a Sociology Ph.D. student at the University of California Berkeley.

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