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Flexible/Active Learning Classrooms

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional classroom learning experiences and created a situation where flexibility in modes of instruction is necessary. This flexibility continues today.

During the break between the spring and summer semesters, our classrooms (Library rooms 501, 502, and 532A) were upgraded with camera and microphone systems that support hybrid learning formats. This redesign allows students to participate in face-to-face synchronous class sessions in-person (in the classroom) or participate in face-to-face class sessions via video conference (e.g., Zoom).

Camera image showing a full view of room 501
Full camera view of room 501
Wall mounted camera in room 501
Wall mounted camera in room 501
Conferencing speakerphone system in room 501
Conferencing speakerphone in room 501

In 2019, rooms 501 and 502 were redesigned to support active learning. An active learning environment is a flexible space that can be reconfigured quickly for a wide variety of teaching methods. An active learning environment supports student-centered learning and works best when you have furniture that allows students to easily shift from independent work to group work to class discussions and back again—without wasting valuable class time. For more information, refer to this Active Learning Classrooms blog post.

students working in an active learning classroom
Active Learning in Action

Our classrooms are primarily used by faculty teaching regularly-scheduled university courses which make extensive regular use of multimedia materials, network communications, and/or active learning. Information about our approval process is available in our approval and assignment of Active Learning Classrooms and Teaching Lab document. Fill out our Classroom Request Form to request one of our classrooms.

We invite you to visit us if you are interested in taking a tour of our flexible/active learning classrooms.

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