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We are delighted to announce our new Faculty-in-Residence.

Faculty-in-Residence for New Faculty Support

Raven Jackson is a Clinical Associate Professor in the College of Pharmacy. She has served the university for 7 years as a faculty member within the College, a member and leader on several committees, and a strong proponent for interprofessional education and collaboration both within the university and beyond. Throughout her career, Dr. Jackson has focused not only on clinical practice, but also on practice transformation. She developed and now serves as Director of the Xavier University Telehealth Center, geared towards advancing medication therapy management services for rural clinics in Louisiana. Dr. Jackson also prides herself on empowering students through all aspects of pharmacy education. She has taught in a myriad of courses within the College of Pharmacy curriculum and has served as a recurring guest lecturer within the Department of Psychology. During her time at Xavier, Raven has been honored to work alongside faculty that have served as her former teachers and mentors, and she has transitioned into being that person for new faculty in the College. In her role as Faculty in Residence for New Faculty Support, she looks forward to advancing her efforts with new faculty in both the Colleges of Pharmacy and Arts & Sciences, introducing them to the unique culture and network that is Xavier University of Louisiana.

Welcome, Raven!

Faculty-in-Residence for Part-Time Faculty Support

Jeremy Tuman is an Associate Professor in the Department of English. He is the Director of First-year Composition and previously served as Faculty-in-Residence for Service-Learning in CAT+FD. In addition to teaching first-year writing, literature, and creative writing, Jeremy has worked extensively in the core curriculum, including designing and teaching Humanities-based service-learning courses, and helping to develop core learning outcomes for writing-based classes. He has previously served as a teaching fellow in a first-year-studies leadership cohort (then known as Freshman Seminar) and has participated as a fellow in the Faculty Communities of Teaching Scholars, sponsored by CAT+FD and the Mellon Foundation. His scholarly output includes critical essays, book reviews, and creative writing, published in outlets such as Xavier ReviewAntenna/Room220, and New Orleans Review.

Welcome back, Jeremy! 

CAT+FD is pleased to welcome two new members to our staff this Fall!

Dr. Harish Ratnayaka joins us as the new Faculty-in-Residence for First-Year Faculty. In addition to supporting CAT+FD activities and initiatives, Harish will lead the programming for first-year faculty. This includes new faculty orientation, serving as a CAT+FD mentor to first-year faculty, and organizing the new faculty "brown bag" series.

Harish is from the Biology Department, and his research interests include plant ecophysiology. He studies the way different environmental conditions affect plant function. He is especially interested in how light-dependent and carbon assimilatory processes adjust in response to environmental stress, and how useful phytochemicals are elicited during such adjustments.

In addition, we welcome Dr. Lisa Shulte-Gipson as the Faculty-in-Residence for Service Learning. In this role she will work in close partnership with staff in Student Affairs to provide services to faculty incorporating the pedagogy of service learning into the curriculum and promoting civic engagement through meaningful community participation. In addition, she will serve as the CAT+FD liaison for implementation of the new core.

Lisa, a social psychologist by training, is interested in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Within this realm her past research has focused on community engagement and techniques associated with positive psychology (e.g., gratitude journals) as enhancing well-being, effects of motivation on performance, and effects of assuming responsibility for one’s learning on performance.

We in CAT+FD are enthusiastic about their contributions!


CAT+FD is pleased to welcome Dr. Florastina Payton-Stewart for a three-year term as our new Faculty in Residence.


Dr. Payton-Stewart is an Associate Professor in Chemistry, and is very passionate about teaching, mentoring and advising students. She has served as Associate Director for Center of Undergraduate Research and is a member of the American Chemical Society and the National Organization for the Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers. She is a 2017 Keystone Fellow and recipient of the HERS Institute Leadership Academy STEM scholarship.

She will work with our new faculty, planning and implementing support throughout their first year.

In addition to supporting CAT+FD activities and initiatives, the CAT+FD Faculty in Residence has primary responsibility for enhancing and leading programming for first year faculty. Duties include: assisting in the planning and implementation of new faculty orientation; facilitating new faculty mentoring; organizing and implementing the new faculty "brown bag" series; organizing and implementing a coherent set of workshop open to all faculty but focused on new faculty; assisting in grant writing for CAT+FD initiatives related to first year faculty development; and assisting in the assessment of CAT+FD's programs related to first year faculty development.

We are also glad to announce that Mr. Jeremy Tuman is renewing his role as Faculty in Residence for Service Learning for a two-year term.