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Robin Runia

A conversation with Dr. Robin Runia of Xavier University of Louisiana on teaching, learning, and interdisciplinary team teaching.

My experience of the biology and literature course, especially in the first half of the semester, was very multidisciplinary. First we'll have some biology content, and then we'll have some literature content, and then we'll somehow magically blend them together. I was aware of this challenge and concerned about it from the beginning.

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Julie Thompson Klein

Doesn't matter whether it's engineering, whether it's psychology, there isn't a single report out there that doesn't acknowledge the changing relationship of disciplines and interdisciplinary work. It's often driven by a research agenda: The disciplines are changing; their research frontiers are expanding, and so that's an important part of what a department should be attending to, but also new themes and topics are coming into the curriculum.... It's a both-and world out there, it's not an either-or world.

A conversation with Julie Thompson Klein (Wayne State University) on teaching, learning and interdisciplinarity.

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Art Goldsmith

We're starting to move in a direction now where there is more integration of ideas across disciplines inside the classroom. That makes it a more genuine or realistic experience for the students. They're more trusting of the process and consequently I see them as being more engaged. I think that movement is the most significant development in terms of pedagogy that has happened in quite some time.

A conversation with Art Goldsmith (Washington and Lee University) on teaching, learning and interdisciplinarity.

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