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A Learning Module is a collection of content items focused on a specific subject that students can navigate at their own pace. For example, a Learning Module about the solar system can include lecture notes, links to websites with pictures and information for all the planets, as well as assignments.

A Learning Module organizes information using a table of contents that lists everything contained within the module. Instructors can create a structured path for progressing through the items. The path can be set so that students must view content sequentially, or set to permit users to view the content in any order.

learning modules
Components of a Learning Module: A – table of contents; B – content frame; C – navigation; D – current content page being viewed

Follow these steps to do it.

To create a Learning Module:

  1. Turn Edit Mode ON.
  2. Access a content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder that you want to add the new learning module to.
  3. On the menu bar, roll your mouse over [Build Content] then click on [Learning Module].
  4. On the Create Learning Module page, enter a Name for the Learning Module.
  5. Optionally, type a description in the Text box.
  6. Select the options for Availability, View, and Table of Contents.
  7. Click [Submit].

Note: A newly created Learning Module will be empty. Any type of content, including text, audio, video, assignments, or even a Mashup may be included in a Learning Module. Click the link for the Learning Module in the content area to access it. Files are added or edited in a Learning Module in the same manner as they are in any content area.

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