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Two years ago, we hosted a session on lectio divina which married two prominent themes in CAT programming: our campus-wide initiative, "Read Today Lead Tomorrow," and contemplative practice. The session was well-received but only hinted at the rich possibilities of contemplative reading, and some participants expressed a desire for more information.

Therefore we are pleased to report that noted scholar Robert-Louis Abrahamson has published a guide on "contemplative engagement with a text." This is not a technique per se; it's more of an attitude. Nevertheless, Abrahamson does prescribe six steps in a clear pattern, with plenty of substantive advice for teachers.

Download the PDF guide from this page.

Two new tabs were created inside Blackboard in an attempt to simplify access to faculty and student resources and to provide consistency for Blackboard users. You should see the new tabs when you login to Blackboard.

image showing Bb tabs with faculty and student resources highlighted

Send email to Karen Nichols with any comments or suggestions about the new tabs.

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Here's a great resource from ACS for those who teach Chemistry and want to learn about incorporating Service-Learning into their curriculum.