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Smart Views let instructors create custom views of the Grade Center that only display the students and columns you choose. Smart Views let you create criteria that reflect student activity and achievement in your course. You can create Smart Views based on a variety of criteria, including categories, groups, performance, or a custom set of criteria that you choose.

Follow these steps to do it.
1. To create a Smart View click on [Grade Center] in the control panel to expand it, then click on [Full Grade Center].
2. Roll your mouse over the [Manage] menu and click on [Smart Views].
3. Click on the [Create Smart View] button.
4. Enter a name for your Smart View and setup the criteria for your Smart View.
5. Click [Submit] when you are done. Your new Smart View will be displayed on the Smart Views page.

You can add a Smart View to the control panel by clicking its corresponding star icon in the “Add as Favorite” column. You can view Smart Views from the Smart Views page or from the Grade Center by clicking on the [Filter] button and selecting the Smart View.

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