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Bb Tip #120: Lesson Plans

A Lesson Plan is a planning tool that can be created for the instructor’s use (for example, as an organizing or planning tool), or for presenting content to students. Simply put, a lesson plan is a container for content similar to a learning module or folder that can hold and organize course items. You can create lesson plans within your course to hold lesson profiles, instructional objectives, and the content items students need to complete a lesson.

lesson plan
Example of a student view of a lesson plan: A - lesson profile and instructional objectives; B - content

Adding lesson plans to a course can benefit students in several ways. You have the option of adding information for students to view alongside of the content to help them understand the objectives and intended result of their learning. You can provide students with information on how their knowledge will be measured, the needed materials, the duration of the instruction, and what they should have learned after the instruction. The more information students have at the start of the lesson, the more prepared they are for the content ahead.

Follow these steps to do it.

To create a Lesson Plan:

  1. Turn Edit Mode ON.
  2. Access a content area, learning module, or folder that you want to add the new lesson plan to.
  3. On the menu bar, roll your mouse over [Build Content] then click on [Lesson Plan].
  4. Lesson Plans are created in two steps based on the two tabs appearing on the Create Lesson Plan page:
lesson plan

Content Information: This tab contains general information about the instructor and objectives. This information appears at the top of the lesson plan in a gray box when students access the lesson plan or when you view it with Edit Mode turned OFF.

Curriculum Resources: This tab contains the lesson plan’s content items. You can create all content types in a lesson plan just as you can in a content area, learning module, or folder.

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