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Bb Tip #46: Interactive Rubrics

The Rubrics tool in Bb Learn 9.1 Service Pack 6 is a new tool. It is not the same as the Rubrics tool you use with Turnitin. The new Rubrics tool lists evaluation criteria for an assignment and can be associated with any column in the Grade Center. Rubrics can help students organize their efforts to meet the requirements of an assignment. Instructors can use Rubrics to explain their evaluations to students.

Instructors can associate Rubrics when creating gradable content items, including Blogs, Journals, Wikis, Discussion Boards, Assignments, and short-answer, file-response, or essay questions in tests and pools. Rubrics can be associated with multiple items, and all associations can be viewed from the Rubrics tool. Multiple rubrics can be associated with an item. Instructors can choose to have the rubrics visible to students at any time, only after grading has been completed, or not shown to the students at all.

When creating a rubric, instructors can assign weights to categories, allowing the same rubric to be used across multiple items with different possible points. Rubrics can be imported and exported for use across courses.

Rubrics can be viewed from the Grade Center during the grading process. Instructors can interact with any associated rubric for grading in a grid or list view, and feedback can be typed for each criteria as well as the entire assessment. Grades calculated using rubrics can be overridden. When a rubric has been used for grading, a report is available to view the results of all content graded with that rubric.

Want more information?
Step-by-step instructions are available [HTML].
Creating a Rubric [Video].
Associating a Rubric with a gradable item [Video].
Grading with Rubrics [Video].
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