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Brightspace Tip #16: Help Resources

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As you work on setting up your courses you may have questions. Here is a list of Brightspace help resources you can use to get answers to your questions.

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Additionally, if you are having difficulties using any of the course tools, you can get help from D2L. This help is available 24/7 via Email and Live Chat. You will find links for Email Support and Live Chat Support in the Help menu on the NavBar (inside of Brightspace). You must be logged into Brightspace to access the Email and Live Chat Support links.

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Our Brightspace training continues in January. The upcoming Brightspace Quick Start training sessions are designed to help faculty to get their Brightspace courses up and running. The Brightspace Drop-in sessions are for faculty who are already familiar with navigating in Brightspace and just need to get a few questions answered. In that case, they can just "drop-in" and ask questions.

If you did not get a chance to attend any of the Brightspace training sessions, consider attending one of the Quick Start sessions and/or one of the Drop-in sessions. Please visit our events page for workshop details and to RSVP for upcoming Brightspace training sessions.

Want more information?

Brightspace Migration FAQs
View all the Brightspace training recaps
Request a sandbox course
Sign-up for Brightspace training sessions
You can find Brightspace help at D2L's website.
Join the Brightspace Community.
Try these Brightspace How-To documents.
Visit our Brightspace FAQs for additional Brightspace information
or schedule a one-on-one session, email, or
call Janice Florent: (504) 520-7418.

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