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Brightspace Tip #2: Sandbox Courses

Experiment with Brightspace features and functions using your own Sandbox course. A sandbox course is an empty course where you can experiment with Brightspace features and functions without affecting your actual courses. The sandbox course will be your very own, and can be used as a place to experiment without affecting any real students.

Brightspace sandbox course banner

Fill out the Brightspace sandbox course request form to request a sandbox course.

Sandbox courses will be used in the upcoming Brightspace training. You can find more information about the Brightspace training as well as sign-up for the training sessions on our events page.

Want more information?

Brightspace Migration FAQs
Sign-up for Brightspace training sessions

Image credit: "Brightspace sandbox course banner" by jflorent is licensed under CC0 and is a derivative of image by RAMillu from Pixabay

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