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Brightspace Tip #208: Assignments – Special Access

Did you know Special Access is an option available in the Assignments tool that allows the instructor to grant learners special accommodations? Special Access permissions allow instructors to set different availability dates and times for specific learners. For example, you could extend the deadline for learners who require remedial help or who are submitting work beyond the original scope of the assignment. You can also add Special Access after an assignment’s end date has passed for learners who have a legitimate excuse for missing the deadline or for learners you want to submit additional material, such as planning notes or a bibliography.

Special Access using the New Assignment Creation Experience
Add Special Access in the New Assignment Creation Experience

Special Access using the classic experience
Add Special Access in the classic experience

manage special access options

  1. Select Allow users with special access to submit outside the normal availability dates for this folder if you want to give certain students different submission options from the rest of the class.
  2. Select Allow only users with special access to see this folder if only certain students are allowed to see this folder.
  3. Click Add Users to Special Access to select students who will get the special access.

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