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Brightspace Tip #258: VoiceThread Integration Changes

Our VoiceThread integration was updated to move away from LTI 1.1 and move to LTI 1.3 with Deep Linking. What does this mean for us? We have some new features with the update to LTI 1.3 that should make using VoiceThread easier. The new features include:

  • No longer need to manually enter a URL to create a VoiceThread assignment.
  • Automatic copying of VoiceThread assignments and content between courses.
  • Complete roster sync, which supports adds and drops seamlessly.
  • Increased security and support for future VoiceThread features.

There was no VoiceThread down time at all for this update. All existing activities continue to work as they always have without any interruption or loss of content. Here are some things that resulted from the update:

  • Changes in workflow: The process for adding VoiceThread activities to a course is very similar. The only difference is that now you will select “VoiceThread” from your “Existing Activities” menu without needing to enter a URL manually.
  • Content retention: No work or assignment links were lost as part of this transition. Old links will continue to work even as you build new links going forward using the updated integration.

Example showing Existing Activities menu with VoiceThread menu option highlighted

VoiceThread’s plan is that LTI 1.1 will be deprecated in the next year or two. You should begin to use the updated process of creating VoiceThreads by selecting “VoiceThread” from the “Existing Activities” menu.

Follow these steps to do it.

To create a VoiceThread:

  1. Get into the course you want to create the VoiceThread.
  2. In the NavBar, Click on Content.
  3. Go to the Module where you want to add VoiceThread, click on Existing Activities and then select VoiceThread from the shortcut menu.
  4. Choose the type of VoiceThread you want to create in the VoiceThread Setup window.
  5. Follow the prompts to select/setup the VoiceThread for your assignment.

NOTE: Follow this link to the instructor support page for your next steps in setting up your VoiceThread.

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