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Don’t forget the audio!

by Karen Nichols
A few of our veteran online instructors recently had a panel on the positives of teaching online and hybrid courses. At the last minute, we decided to record the discussion. It worked out very well and we created and disseminated it as a podcast which was helpful to instructors who were unable to attend. Thanks to Bart Everson for helping us at the last minute but having forgotten this option in the beginning really gave me pause.

There are myriad programs and apps to produce amazing visuals and videos which we frequently present and write about. After the above incident, I thought I'd also provide information for the auditory side. eLearning Industry just published an article yesterday, "Audio in eLearning: Top 10 Tips For eLearning Professionals" which contains several best practices.  I've chosen three here to give you a sampling of their recommendations:

  • Have your students show their knowledge by creating and submitting an audio presentation.  I have had my French students record themselves reciting a French poem and then discussing certain aspects of it.
  • Provide audio instructions for assignments, especially the more complicated ones.  I have actually included audio files in which I read the instructions for my students.  They will hear me in French as they are reading along.
  • Include a "player" for each sound file so that your students can replay it as often as necessary and also adjust the volume and other aspects of the recording.

How are you using auditory files in your courses?  Do you narrate your power points?  Please share your best practices.  Meanwhile, in celebration of the season, here is an AUDIO FILE for you to enjoy--The Night Before Christmas as read by Louis Armstrong.  Happy Holidays Everyone!

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