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ICYMI: Customize Your Course Homepage in Brightspace

Customize Your Course Homepage in Brightspace [44:56]

Thanks to those of you who attended this week's Customize Your Course Homepage workshop. The workshop, the eighth in our #LEX Advanced series, helps you to build on the skills you learned in the #LearnEverywhereXULA course. The focus of this workshop was to provide training on how to customize your course homepages to enhance the course experience for your learners.

In case you missed this week’s training session or if you attended the training session and want to recap what was covered, a copy of the workshop recording and resources referenced in the workshop are available. You can find the workshop recording and other resources in support of the workshop on the CAT+FD wiki.

Additionally, if you did not get the opportunity to earn a digital badge for participating in the workshop, it's not too late to earn that badge. We have a corresponding “Homepages & Widgets” module in the #LearnEverywhereXULA (#LEX) course that you can complete to earn a digital badge for this topic. The badge will count towards your #LEX Advanced certification.

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