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Brightspace Tip #266: Be Ready for Mother Nature with VoiceThreads


As you know, hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th. Hopefully there won't be another hurricane, tropical storm, or weather related event that causes an interruption this semester. However, it's a good idea to be ready just in case. ICYMI, read my Brightspace Tip #245: Are You Ready? blog post which has information to help with instructional continuity.

Additionally, have you considered using VoiceThreads in your courses? With VoiceThreads you can have discussions asynchronously using voice. VoiceThread is an interactive tool that allows instructors and students to share a wide variety of media (images, PDFs, slides, video, and more) and to share text, audio, and video comments on that media quickly and easily.

Our "Be Ready for Mother Nature with VoiceThreads" training focused on how you can use VoiceThreads for unplanned events. You don’t have to lose precious class time when you incorporate VoiceThreads. In case you missed our Be Ready for Mother Nature with VoiceThreads training session or if you attended the training session and want to recap what was covered, you can review these resources:

*NOTE: The workshop recording refers to the old way of setting up VoiceThreads in Brightspace. There has been a recent change in how you setup VoiceThreads in Brightspace. You can find more information about the change in my Brightspace Tip #258: VoiceThread Integration Changes blog post. The other information in the workshop recording is correct.

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Using VoiceThread for Teaching and Learning

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