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Brightspace Tip #441: Intent to EOL SMS Notifications

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D2L (the company that owns Brightspace) has announced a July 2024 intent to end-of-life SMS notifications. Refer to the following frequently asked questions for more information.

What are SMS Notifications?

SMS (Short Message Service) notifications allow users to subscribe to select alert bell notifications so that they are forwarded to a mobile phone number.

Why are they ending SMS Notifications?

When D2L originally built their SMS notifications, the world was a different place. We didn’t all have smart phones! They built this using a technology service available from most providers, email to SMS. Now, this service is being deprecated by providers and they are experiencing not only inconsistent delivery times but also large-scale outages at some of the largest mobile providers in North America.

How can users get mobile push notifications without SMS?

Another difference from when D2L built their SMS notifications is that their mobile app, Pulse, wasn’t available. With Pulse, users can receive the same mobile push notifications as what were available via SMS.

Email-based notifications are not going away, so users can still receive email notifications if subscribed.

What will happen to stored phone numbers after this?

Personal Data will be deleted once it is no longer needed to send notifications.

Want more information?

Intent to EOL SMS Notifications
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